Federal Way Location:

5 Days Per Week

Home Facility- We Offer Subsidies

Cherish Academy Program

Lead by DIRECTOR Infinite:

Blue Birds: 8:30am-12:30pm

$895.00 monthly ⇢ 5 days per week

Ravens: 12:30pm-4:30pm

$895.00 monthly ⇢ 5 days per week

Full Day

$1495.00 monthly ⇢ 5 days per week

Early Birds:

7:15am Start  $125

Our Federal Way Location is a home Center with a POD Size Capacity of 8!

Families and kiddos connect as community in learning, support and celebration.


She \Her

Facilities Lead

Lead Teacher Vivi is from Columbia. She is a mother of two and has been in education for over a decade serving as Director and Lead Educator.

Vivi brings Spanish Curriculum, a warm and loving nature and wonderfully well thought out immersive educational experiences to the classroom!

Our Village Leaders

Federal Way Preschool: The Best Childcare for Your Little One in Federal Way WA

Looking for reliable, affordable childcare services in or near Federal Way? Look no further than The Cherish Academy! Whether it’s your kid’s first time attending a daycare or school or you’re looking to switch up their routine, enrolling them in a preschool is an excellent way to get young kids excited about learning.

What to Expect from our Federal Way Preschool

When it comes to finding the best Federal Way school for your kid, there are several things to consider. The first (and most important) thing you should keep in mind is that every human is unique. What works for one child may not work for another. This means that before you sign your little one up for a specific school, you should take the time to visit it first. This way, you can get a better idea of what to expect and if the school education is a good fit for your child. Another thing to keep in mind is that programs come in a variety of different styles. Again, what works for one little one may not work for another. While there are many different types of programs, the following are the most common: Early Childhood Education: This type of school is designed to prepare young children for kindergarten. These programs usually focus on social skills and academics. Montessori: This type of program is designed to allow children to learn through self-directed exploration and experiences. Traditional: Traditional schools are designed for kids who have been to daycare before. While these programs focus on social skills and academics, they may also incorporate more structured playtime.


The Cherish Academy: How Our School is Different

When it comes to choosing the best Federal Way learning center for your little one, one of the first things you should do is decide what type of program you are interested in. In addition to early childhood education and Montessori, mentioned above, there are a variety of other preschool methodologies, including Waldorf and Reggio Emilia. The Cherish Academy offers a unique learning environment. At our Federal Way preschool, we offer a play-based, holistic approach to education. By setting up activities that inspire curiosity and draw out a kid’s natural curiosity, we can help them to discover new things and learn in the process. As kids move from one activity to the next, they are active learners. They’re hands-on, exploring, and experimenting as they go. Kids can learn about numbers in the sandbox, about cause and effect as they pour water from one cup to another, or about shapes by arranging cookies on a plate. Their curiosity and desire to learn are sparked by challenging activities that call for critical thinking, problem solving, and creative expression. All of these activities help kids develop socially and emotionally as well as intellectually, building self-confidence, empathy, and resilience.


A Holistic Preschool for Children of All Backgrounds

At the Cherish Academy, we’re fully committed to creating a holistic learning experience for our students. This means that we focus on more than just academics. In fact, our approach to education focuses on the following three pillars: - Academic: We believe that learning begins with a little one’s curiosity. We encourage our students to explore and discover new things, and we foster an environment of critical thinking and problem solving. - Social: While we encourage an academic learning education, we also recognize the importance of social skills such as cooperation and empathy. Our students are encouraged to interact with one another and learn from one another. - Emotional: While academics and social skills are important, we also understand that a child’s emotional well-being is just as vital. We seek to foster a safe and secure environment where kids can express their emotions and be supported.


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It is crucial to nurture a child's desire to learn and meet their basic needs.



Emergent Curriculum

An emergent-curriculum is an organic, adaptive learning process that is specific to the little one. Your kid's evolving needs and interests drive the process constantly in response. Our goal is to help your children build resiliency and a positive self-concept by providing them with the tools to navigate challenges and achieve success in their own way. We also want to help you to understand the developmental process of childhood and how to best help your little one navigate their world.




We model empathetic, respectful, and responsible behaviors towards others, and our children are exposed to these behaviors. We help our children to analyze how they feel, and we discuss the feelings of others. We talk about how people feel when they are sad or scared. We share examples of emotions and feelings, such as a kid who is angry because they can’t have a cookie. We tell stories about characters who feel different emotions. We ask questions about how our children feel. We ask them to describe how they feel when something happens. We ask them to describe how other people might feel, too. We give our children the opportunity to practice their social and emotional skills. We do things as a family where we have to work together, and we ask our children to help. Our staff encourages students to have a strong sense of an empowered self, feel comfortable making friends and are given leadership opportunities. 


Nature Re-Integration

Through Montessori lesson plans, we help your child connect with nature by maintaining living plants and animals in the classroom, by teaching plant care through hands-on activities, and by learning about life-cycles. Children will learn the ins and outs of permaculture by taking part in a hands-on learning experience, where maintaining the natural environment is an intrinsic part of daily life. This program will raise awareness about nutritional content and keep children active by providing a physical challenge.


Montessori Inspired Curriculum

Your little one can find joy in learning, be inspired into their creative selves, and be empowered by the respect of the adults around them who offer them choices. Our Montessori-inspired classroom provides a fantastic combination of sensory-based, self-directed learning and project-based, teacher-led learning.


Diversity (Holistic Representation)

Cultural competence can be a wonderful inheritance to pass on to our children. Cherish children will benefit from a culturally diverse curriculum that includes balanced cultural representation in learning materials and classroom images throughout the course. Children become more aware of themselves and others through an increased interest in geographical landscapes, traditions, cultural clothing, food, holidays, and lifestyles. Teachers model a passion for learning about themselves and others to inspire self-awareness, empowerment, and confidence through diversity.


Message from our Education Director

The most important decision you will make for your child is choosing the right preschool for their education. As director of The Cherish Academy, I am passionate about helping your child learn, grow and develop into a happy, healthy and well-rounded individual. Our curriculum focuses on the whole child and focuses on their social, emotional and academic development. You can rest assured that your child will be in good hands at The Cherish Academy.

Founder & Director

Infinite Milam


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