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First Day of School!
Even if your newbie preschooler will be away from home for just a few hours, the first day of school is a big step for someone wearing such little sneakers. 
First Day of Preschool
Tip 1: Don’t rush through the morning.
Tip 2: Arrive fashionably early.
Tip 3: Bring a comfort object.
Tip 4: Hang around, but don’t hover.
Tip 5: Keep good-byes short and sweet.

 When it’s your cue to make an exit, hold back your tears a little longer (smiling helps unscrunch those furrows in your worried brow), give your new preschooler a hug, and let him know when you’ll be back (“I’ll pick you up after lunch”). Then head out — don’t linger (he can’t get on with his day until you do). And no matter how tempting, never sneak out when your preschooler is looking the other way. It’ll make him feel insecure and less trusting.

Just remember, it’s normal for kids to have a meltdown when it’s time to separate (though many don’t). But even if your child is howling like a banshee and clinging like a barnacle, chances are he’ll be fine five minutes after you walk out the door. If it’s taking a while for your little one to adjust, don’t panic — preschool teachers (and their assistants) have seen it all and they know just what to do, so ask his teacher for help. Just don't be surprised if your child's too happy to say hello to you (or talk about his day) once preschool pick up rolls around!

What to Bring on your first day:


Rain Gear

Change of Clothes: 2 Socks, 2 underwear, bottom, top.

Small sleeping bag or Blanket for nap

Water Bottle (stays at school)

Sack Lunch (Nut Free Facility)

Indoor shoes or slippers

Face Mask or shield



Food Allergy

Medical Plan

Sunscreen (parent administers)

Info to Ask for on Day 1

Access Codes

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