Cherish & Africatown Grow  present URBAN BLOOM SUMMER CAMP 2019! We bring together the best of both organizations to provide an exciting, creative, unique and enriching program for your bright stars this summer...  don't miss a beat!

AGE 4-6

URBAN BLOOM Summer Camp 


week 1-2   $285           

Jun 24, 2019 – Jul 5, 2019

MoTuWeThFr | 9am – 1pm

Mud Pies & Plant Life

Explore Nature- Plant & Animal life cycles & garden crafts.


Mud Play- Build with Clay, make mud pies, water will flow & time will fly!


Garden Construction & Plant Starters- Make planters, then plant, and watch seeds grow grow grow! 


Water play- Rubber boots or water gun, it doesn’t matter just a bit of fun!

week 3-4.     $400.       

Jul 8, 2019 – Jul 19, 2019

MoTuWeThFr | 9am – 1pm

Camping & Pirate Treasure go Seek

Shelter Making- Explore what nature builds & what cultures build with nature.

Treasure Hunts/ Food Harvest- Our treasure hunts are… well yummy & nutritious, we make our own food its so delicious.

Treasure Making- Create “artifacts” from recycled materials reflecting Art from around the world. 

Camping- Camp fire songs, s’mores, and so much more.

week 5-6   $400.         

Jul 22, 2019 – Aug 2, 2019

MoTuWeThFr | 9am – 1pm

Nature Art & Crafts

Nature is Colors Maker- Oh beautiful me and beautiful you, our difference is brilliance the flowers think so too.

Making Paint- Make pigments from nature, then we try it out, color is, what life's about.

Gardening- Plant starts, harvest herbs

Create- Bird house & feeder making, bouquet making.

Natures little friends- Bees will have you buzzing we also love those creeping crawling and running. Explore insects, mammals & fish!

week 7-8   $400.       

Aug 5, 2019 – Aug 16, 2019

MoTuWeThFr | 9am – 1pm

Lil Chefs Week

Farm to Table- From the garden to tummies, food art & around the world cuisine food & music.

What Earth is worth- Recycled materials art, 

Animals, bees & trees. 

week 9   $200             

Aug 19, 2019 – Aug 23, 2019

MoTuWeThFr | 9am – 1pm

Dance Dance Funny Pants

Cultural exploration- We will have fun learning each other and different cultures daily through dance, music, food, story & explore the world through our passport series. 

Mad scientist

lil paleontologist- Dig for fossils, study feathers and rocks, study Dino’s with Dino Dot.

Art- Paint with pigments from nature, clay

Landscapes- simulating volcanos, rivers and more, nature exploration.

What is Science?- Well let me show ya! Density Tower, edible life cycle, shadows, gravity & more.

Urban Bloom | Group 2- Ages: 9-12 (Only 10 Spaces)

July 9- August 16

Time: 10-2pm | Mon-Friday

Location: Cherish & Rainier Community Center (3 city blocks away from each other), Scheduled Field Trips

Cost: Free ($50 Registration Fee Applies)


Swag Bag

Village Leaders (Lead Instructors/Organizers):

Infinite Milam

Merri Ann Osborne

Support Staff:

Rainier Beach Staff

Farmer Ray Williams & staff

Guest Speakers


Cherish, The Mahogany Project, Africatown GROW, and Rainier Community Center have joined efforts to offer a dynamic, adventurous & fun filled Summer experience!  10 lucky youth age 9-12 will have an opportunity to join us at Urban Bloom Summer Camp. Our focus is on health & nutrition, food cultivation and urban farming. Our goal is to have an active and exciting summer through fun hands on activities, farming and creative art projects!

The City of Seattle is funding this work as a part of their initiative to address health disparities in populations.


Activities Include:

Active Field Play /events

Art Based Learning- Paint & craft, small construction, Recycling materials

Urban Farming- Tending chickens, worm bin, fish, planting & harvesting

Guest Teachers- Aquaponics, Photographer, Chef, Artists, Nutritionist

Cooking Projects- Fun with nutrition, food science, healthy meals

Family or personal Health Plan- lifestyles, envirnments, habits, nature

Field trips- Water shed, Seward Park Audubond Center, Kubota Gardens, UW Arboretum... 


Self Empowerment


leadership Skills

Art Techniques 

Community Development

Natur re-integration

Food Prep Basics

Garden Basics

Nutrition & Health Awareness


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