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Federal Way Seattle Preschool
Federal Way Seattle Preschool

We Cherish Relationships... to self, One Another & to Mama Earth.

Students attending a community event supporting Black Lives Matter.
CHERISH Academy chickens
Infinite Milam Cherish Academy Founder
Healthy Conversations Matter
Learning about recycling can begin at any age.
Cherish Academy preschool students participating in Arts & Crafts
Cultivating a love for Nature
Community Service @ Food Bank

We Cherish self-empowerment, cultural vibrancy & social responsibility


We Cherish curiosity, innovation & creative thinking


We Cherish nature & mindfulness


We cherish You!

Cherish Academy Seattle Preschool

Enrollment Pathways



Summer Camp

Paid Drop-In Program

Paid Drop-In Program

Key Features:

  • Flexibility: Parents can choose specific days or sessions for their child to attend, allowing them to tailor the educational experience to their family's needs and schedule.

  • Pay-As-You-Go: Instead of a fixed, long-term commitment, parents pay for each individual session or day of enrollment. This flexibility can be cost-effective for families who do not require a full-time educational program.

  • Short-Term Access: The Paid Drop-In Program often caters to short-term needs, such as childcare during school breaks, special events, or when parents have other commitments.

Not looking for full time daycare quite yet? Check out our Drop-In program, available at both Federal Way and Seattle Locations! 

At Cherish we encourage students to explore their curiosities and learn in fun and engaging ways.
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Infinite Milam, Founder of Cherish Academy
Infinite Milam


I can't think of a bigger job than supporting the positive development of the hearts and minds that will change the world.


Federal Way Seattle Preschool
Seattle Preschool

Mission Statement


Cherish sets a new standard in early learning education offering a holistic approach, considering each childs' mind, heart, culture & interests.


With an emphasis on relationships, we engage a community model. 


We hope to inspire children to be life-long learners, stewards of the environment & each other.


Our curriculum is play, project & nature based. We Meet each child where they are at and co-design aims with parents and child. 

Seattle Preschool
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