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About The Cherish Academy
Drop-in  Program

Welcome to the Cherish Preschool Drop-In Program, where young minds blossom and friendships grow! Our drop-in program is designed to provide a safe, nurturing, and enriching environment for children aged 3 to 6 years old. Whether you need a few hours of childcare, want to introduce your child to social interactions, or simply want to engage them in age-appropriate activities, our program is here to cater to your needs.

At Cherish Preschool, we're committed to making your child's preschool experience enjoyable, educational, and memorable. Our drop-in program is designed to provide a supportive environment where children can learn, play, and socialize. We look forward to welcoming your child into our Cherish Preschool family and watching them thrive as they explore the world around them.


Program Highlights

Flexible Schedule: Our drop-in program offers the flexibility you need. Parents can
choose from various time slots that fit their schedules, whether it's a few hours in the
morning or afternoon.

Qualified Staff: Our dedicated team of experienced and trained preschool educators is
committed to providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere. They are skilled in early
childhood development and prioritize your child's safety and well-being.

Engaging Activities: We believe in learning through play. Our daily activities include arts
and crafts, story time, music and movement, sensory play, and guided exploration.
These activities promote cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development.

• Social Interaction: Your child will have the opportunity to interact with peers, fostering
essential social skills such as sharing, communication, and cooperation. Our program
helps build a strong foundation for future friendships and collaborative learning.

• Themed Learning/Play & Project Based: Each week, we introduce a new theme that
guides our activities. From "Under the Sea" to "Outer Space Adventures," our thematic
approach keeps learning exciting and encourages curiosity. Immersive project and Play
experiences reinforce learning. Example; For learning Math concepts we set up a Play
Grocery Store, for some imagination play. For Plant Life cycles we will start a garden
through harvest. We practice writing our name through sending Post Cards through our
Post Office.

• Healthy Food: Please provide healthy snacks and Meals in a cold case for your lil one.
We have a 8am breakfast break, 10am snack, 11:45 lunch, 2pm snack. Please inform us
of any dietary restrictions or allergies your child may have. We have additional
Supplemental food on-site in the event there is a need.

• Parent Communication: We believe in open communication. Our staff will share daily
updates on your child's activities, achievements, and any important moments via
brightwheel. We're always here to address any concerns or questions you may have &
are always immediately accessible using our Brightwheel App and phone conversations
can be scheduled upon request.

• Safe Environment: Our facility is designed with safety in mind. We maintain a clean and
child-friendly space, complete with age-appropriate toys and equipment. Safety
protocols are strictly adhered to at all times.

Cherish Academy Seattle Preschool
Federal Way Seattle Preschool

Ready to Enroll Your Child in a Daycare That Will Actively Encourage Creativity, Community and Learning ?

Federal Way Seattle Preschool

We are so happy you're interested in enrolling in this drop-in program. Please click the link below to get the process started. 

Seattle Preschool

Enrollment Process

Registration: To enroll your child in the Cherish Preschool Drop-In Program, please
accept our Brightwheel invitation (check Spam) & complete our registration forms. It
provides us with essential information about your child's needs and any special
considerations. We will also require immunization records.

Booking: Once registered, you can book drop-in sessions based on your preferred
schedule and availability. Please provide us with a 24hour Notice via Brightwheel
Messenger Request to “Admin”. We also recommend booking out set dates in advance
to assure your child's spot. You must Cancel Drop In 24hrs in advance via Brightwheel Messenger communication to “Admin”.


How To Check Your Child In

Check In Process:
• Brightwheel will offer you a passcode.
• Open Brightwheel. The Screen w your name has a Check-In/Out Icon > Select it
• Scan the QR Code at Entry Posted on Door > Enter Passcode if prompted
• Answer Wellness Questions
• Locate your drop in Card located on entry table > Search by Child First Name
• Punch out a slot that will be Initialed indicating previously paid Drop In slot
• If you do not have slots left or are on final slot reach out to admin.

What to bring: 

Please be sure to bring your Immunizations records,
and a family picture to to add to our Cherish Village Wall



Indoor Shoes or Slippers

Water Bottle, Cold Sack Lunch & Snacks

Full Set of clothes including Socks & Underwear

Nap Sac or Blanket for quiet time

Epi Pen

On Tuesdays:

Library Card & Library book that needs returning

On Fridays:

A show and Share, (No weapons, fighting)

Summer Time:


Towel bathing suit

Seattle Preschool

Do you have more questions for us?

Please submit our inquiry at the email below and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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At Cherish we encourage students to explore their curiosities and learn in fun and engaging ways.

You can also find us on the following social platforms to see more about our academy! 

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