Mission Statement


Cherish sets a new standard in early learning education offering a wholistic approach that deeply considers each childs mind, heart, culture & interests. With an emphasis on relationships, we engage a village model, we consider ALL of life and nature. We hope to inspire children to be life-long learners, stewards of the environment & each other, creating a better world for future generations. 

Our Village Leaders

Infinite Thomas

Director, Social Entrepenuar

Khairat Salum

Location: Seattle

Lead Teacher, Artist

Lizbeth Herrera
Location: Seattle, Federal Way
Lead Teacher, Spanish Teacher

Infinite is the Founder of Cherish Academy. She is a social change maker & educator dedicated to creating equitable systems, bridging communities and inspiring and uplifting people through impactful experiences. Her legacy is tethered to her love & dedication to children and her community engagement work.

In 2010, after a decade of adult & youth Education & Mentoring, Infinite was hired as a stand in Director for a Preschool.  She immediately fell in love with the classroom & her work with young children in early learning began. Infinite Spent 5years as a Montessori Teacher, & also earned certification as a Child Yoga Instructor. Her aim is to create the world she wants to see INSIDE the classroom.


Raymond Williams

Educator, Master Farmer, Science



 I am an art enthusiast, an early learning educator and learner. I became part of the Early Learning community after attending graduate school in 2016 at University of Washington Bothell with a M.A. in Cultural Studies as an undergrad in a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts and a Minor in Visual Media and the Arts. I have always known I wanted to work with children because of the impact my Elementary Art Teacher had on me and my relationship with my younger siblings and family members.


As an artist, educator and learner I truly believe with the right tools and foundation there is no limit to what a child can achieve and accomplish; and I look forward to being part of their journey at Cherish. 

I have recently moved to Seattle from Phoenix, Arizona, where I have spent the majority of my life. I have been in the field of early childhood education now for six years now. In those six years I’ve had the opportunity to work with children from as early as 2 years of age to 8. My goal has been to help students stay engaged through play and hands-on learning. Believing strongly that children learn based off of their surroundings and providing children with a fun and education friendly environment is very important. I am committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment where children can also view it as playful.