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In Service for Learning Program

Join us in our mission to engage with preschool-age students and educators through "Service for Learning." Collaborate as a volunteer to create innovative, cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural, and cross-generational projects addressing local, environmental, and social issues. In exchange a child you are a parent or legal guardian of will earn a space in our program 50% off. Our goal is to provide valuable learning experiences for students, nurturing their curiosity while making a positive impact.

Join our community, access specialized training, and share your journey on our platforms. Together, let's inspire lifelong learners who can contribute to a better world.

Cherish Academy Seattle Preschool

Cherish Food Equity with N2N!

2020 Presented a Tri-Pandemic that we've never faced before. The impact to our economics & health makes the job of Food Equity greater than ever. Queens Project Is Grateful to Community Partnerships N2N & Africatown Grow. Queens salutes the work of Food Not Bombs, Ujamma Food Circle, Black Farmers Collective, Ray Williams, Jabari Rashidi, Nahr, Christy.

As a community, we feed over +1000 weekly, Support approach 7 local community gardens & engage over 100 volunteers and. do so equitably and sustainably.

Seattle Preschool
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