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WE Cherish Community!

Cherish Academy is dedicated to hands on learning. We model, teach & encourage child participation in our community support projects!

2020 We supported food equity, learned what it means to volunteer and much more...

Cherish Academy Seattle Preschool

Cherish Food Equity with N2N!

2020 Presented a Tri-Pandemic that we've never faced before. The impact to our economics & health makes the job of Food Equity greater than ever. Queens Project Is Grateful to Community Partnerships N2N & Africatown Grow. Queens salutes the work of Food Not Bombs, Ujamma Food Circle, Black Farmers Collective, Ray Williams, Jabari Rashidi, Nahr, Christy.

As a community, we feed over +1000 weekly, Support approach 7 local community gardens & engage over 100 volunteers and. do so equitably and sustainably.

Seattle Preschool
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