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2024 Urban Bloom Summer Camp Themes

1 Week: Jun 24

Nature Explorer Camp: This camp focuses on exploring and appreciating nature. Kids can learn about different plants and animals, go on nature hikes, and participate in hands-on

activities like planting seeds and creating nature crafts.


2 week: Jul 1

Art and Creativity Camp: This camp is perfect for young artists who love to express themselves through art. Kids can experiment with different art mediums, learn new techniques,& create their own masterpieces. They can also participate in fun art-themed games & Activities.


3 Week: Jul 8

Science and Discovery Camp: This camp is designed to spark curiosity and a love for science in young children. Kids can engage in hands-on experiments, learn about different scientific concepts, and explore the wonders of the natural world. They can also participate in science-themed games and challenges.

4 week: Jul 15

 Sports and Adventure Camp: This camp is ideal for active and energetic kids who love sports & outdoor activities. Kids can participate in a variety of sports such as soccer, basketball. They can also engage in adventure activities like  obstacle courses.


5 week: Jul 22

Music and Dance Camp: This camp is perfect for young music & dance enthusiasts. Kids can learn to play musical instruments, explore different music genres, and participate in dance classes & performances. They can also engage in fun music and dance-related games & activities.



6 Week: Jul 29

 lil Chef Camp: This camp is a great opportunity for kids to learn to prepare simple and healthy snacks, recipes, decorate cupcakes & cookies, & friendly Mud Pie competitions. It's a fun way to introduce kids to the world of culinary arts.

7 Week: Aug 5

 Cultural Exchange Camp: This camp focuses on promoting cultural awareness & understanding. Kids can learn about different cultures through storytelling, traditional crafts, music, dance. They can also have the opportunity to interact with children from diverse

backgrounds and learn about their customs and traditions.


8 Week: Aug. 12

Animal Care Camp: This camp is perfect for young animal lovers who want to learn about caring for animals. Kids can interact with different animals, learn about their habitats & needs, & participates in activities like grooming, feeding, & creating animal-themed crafts.

9 Week:  Aug 19

Drama and Theater Camp: This camp is for young performers who love to act and express themselves on stage. Costumes, imagination play, theater games & improvisation exercises, we work together to create & perform plays and skits.


10 week: Aug 26

Gardening and Farming Camp: This camp allows kids to connect with nature & learn about the importance of sustainable living. Kids can learn about gardening, plant seeds, harvest vegetables, & take care of plants. They can also learn about farm animals & participate in farm-related activities.


Urban Bloom Scholarship

We Cherish Accessibility: We are offering Scholarships for 6th Annual Urban Bloom Summer Camp. Prioritizing Families of Color or Families in Financial need.  

Apply for Urban Blooms Offering Fun Fridays Scholarship, below!

Apply Here:

Dates: July & August on Fridays 9-12pm

Sponsored by:  Seattle Parks and Rec.

Location: Columbia City Area/ Rainier Playfield

Have questions about this application or the program in general? Please contact us!

Phone: 901.504-1115


Thanks for submitting your application, we will be in touch soon!

Seattle Preschool
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